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Version: 2.7

Add object lock enabled schedule policy

To add an object lock enabled schedule policy:

  1. On the Portworx Backup home page, navigate to left navigation pane and click Clusters.

  2. On the upper-right corner, click Settings > Schedule Policies.

  3. Click + icon or Add new.

  4. Enter the following fields in Add Policy window:

    • Policy Name: schedule policy name

    • Object Lock Policy: creates a locked schedule policy for a locked backup


    Selection of this option enables Auto delete after retention period option.

    • Auto delete after retention period: automates deletion of scheduled backups after the retention period expires

    • Type: nature of the backup. This field includes:

    • Periodic: runs at fixed intervals of time defined in minutes and hours

    • Daily: runs every day at a specified time


      You cannot configure incremental count for incremental backups associated with object lock enabled schedule policies. Portworx Backup takes the default incremental count as 5 for such incremental backups.

  5. Click Create.

    An object lock enabled schedule policy gets added with a lock icon.

    locked schedule policy with lock icon

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