Migrate from DaemonSet to Operator on IBM Cloud

This page describes how to migrate your Portworx cluster on IBM Cloud from a DaemonSet installation to a Portworx Operator installation.


To migrate, you must meet the following prerequisites:

  • Kubernetes version 1.16 or newer
  • Portworx installed with one DaemonSet; the scenario of two or more DaemonSet installations on one Kubernetes cluster is not supported
  • Helm CLI installed on your client

Migrate to Operator

Portworx installation on IBM Cloud is managed through a Helm chart. In order to migrate your Portworx deployment from a DaemonSet installation to a Portworx Operator installation, follow the instructions in this section.

Upgrade your Portworx deployment using a Helm chart

  1. Add Portworx to your Helm repository:

    helm repo add portworx https://raw.githubusercontent.com/portworx/ibm-helm/master/repo/stable/
  2. Update the Helm repository:

    helm repo update
  3. Fetch the latest Portworx installation parameters:

    helm get values portworx > /tmp/values.yaml
  4. Apply the following CRDs:

    kubectl apply -f "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/portworx/ibm-helm/master/chart/portworx/crds/core_v1_storagecluster_crd.yaml"
    kubectl apply -f "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/portworx/ibm-helm/master/chart/portworx/crds/core_v1_storagenode_crd.yaml"
  5. Upgrade Portworx deployment on your IBM cluster:

    helm upgrade portworx portworx/portworx -f /tmp/values.yaml --debug
  6. Wait for the StorageCluster to be created. If you have Portworx DaemonSet installed, the Operator will automatically detect that on startup. The Operator will then create an equivalent StorageCluster object.

Initiate migration

  1. Approve the migration by running the following command:

    kubectl -n kube-system annotate storagecluster --all --overwrite portworx.io/migration-approved='true'
  2. Verify the migration status by running the following command:

    kubectl -n kube-system describe storagecluster

    If the migration completes successfully, you will see the event Migration completed successfully. If the migration fails, there is a corresponding event about the failure.


Last edited: Wednesday, Nov 16, 2022