PX storage and network stats can easily be integrated with prometheus or similar applications. These stats are exported at port 9001; your application can poll http://<IP_ADDRESS>:9001/metrics to get their runtime values.

Integration with Prometheus

Step 1: Configuring Prometheus to watch px node

Add your px node as a target in Prometheus config file:

Prometheus Config File

In the example above, our node has IP address of, so Prometheus is watching as its target. This can be any node in the PX cluster.

Step 2: PX metrics to watch and building graphs with Prometheus

Once Prometheus starts watching px node, you will be able to see new portworx related metrics added to Prometheus.

PX Metrics in Prometheus

You can now build graphs:

Building a Graph with Prometheus


A curl request on port 9001 also shows the stats:

Curl Request on 9001

Storage and Network stats

Cluster stats:

px_cluster_cpu_percent: average CPU usage for the PX cluster nodes in percentage 
px_cluster_disk_available_bytes: available storage in px cluster in bytes
px_cluster_disk_utilized_bytes: used storage in px cluster in bytes
px_cluster_memory_utilized_percent: average memory usage for the px cluster nodes
px_cluster_pendingio: total bytes (read/write) being currently processed

Node stats

px_network_io_bytessent: bytes sent by this node to other nodes
px_network_io_received_bytes: bytes received by this node from other nodes

Volume stats

px_volume_depth_io:number of i/o operations being served at once
px_volume_iops: operations per second
px_volume_latency_seconds: time spent by
px_volume_read_bytes: total bytes read from volume
px_volume_reads: number of read operations served by the volume
px_volume_readthroughput: bytes read per second
px_volume_writes: number of write operations served by the volume
px_colume_writethroughput:bytes written per second
px_volume_written_bytes: total bytes written to the volume 
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