Step 1: Verify requirements

  • Linux kernel 3.10 or greater
  • Docker 1.10 or greater.
  • Configure Docker to use shared mounts. The shared mounts configuration is required, as PX-Developer exports mount points.
    • Run sudo mount –make-shared / in your SSH window
    • If you are using systemd, remove the MountFlags=slave line in your docker.service file.
  • A kev/value store such as Etcd 2.0 or Consul 0.7.0
  • Minimum resources per server:
    • 4 CPU cores
    • 4 GB RAM
  • Recommended resources per server:
    • 12 CPU cores
    • 16 GB RAM
    • 128 GB Storage
    • 10 GB Ethernet NIC
  • Maximum nodes per cluster:
    • 3 server nodes
  • Open network ports:
    • Ports 9001 - 9006 must be open for internal network traffic between nodes running PX

Step 2: Install and run PX-Developer

Select an operating environment to install Portworx:

Run stateful containers with Portworx:

Use pxctl (CLI Reference) to directly:

  • View the cluster global capacity and health
  • Create and manage storage volumes
  • Advanced management of the PX cluster

If your requirements extend beyond the scope of PX-Developer, please contact Portworx for information on PX-Enterprise.