The ansible script in this directory can be used to deploy a fully functioning 3 node ‘etcd3’ cluster to existing servers or VMs with host persistent storage.

The inventory file inv.yml should be structured as follows:

server1 IP=
server2 IP=
server3 IP=

Ensure that the nodes group is used and that the IP attribute is defined

Ensure that the servers listed under nodes all correspond to entries defined in /etc/hosts

This installation method assumes you have root ssh keys installed on all the servers in the inventory file.


The current/default version of ‘etcd3’ installed is "3.2.7". For other version of etcd3 to be installed, update the etcd_version variable in the etcd3.yml file.

To install ‘etcd3’ on all servers, run the following command:

ansible-playbook -i inv.yml etcd3.yml