Note: This guide requires that both your PX node and lighthouse are talking to the same kvdb store.

Following guide shows you how you can add your portworx node to PX-Enterprise console.

  • Setup your lighthouse container with the same kvdb store as your PX node. If you are following instructions from our on premise Lighthouse, then you can specify this kvdb url to lighthouse with ‘-k’ option.
  • Visit your lighthouse URL in the browser, and complete initial setup.
  • Once you are logged in, click on ‘Manage clusters’ button. This will take you to a new page. Here, click on ‘New’. This will open a widget. Here click on ‘Existing Cluster’. Add your cluster ID here.
  • Once you click ‘Create’, it will generate ‘Auth Token’ for this cluster.
  • Login to each PX node, and add following line in config.json located at /etc/pwx
"loggingurl": "<your-lighthouse-url>/api/stats/listen?token=<Auth-Token>",

For example:

"loggingurl" : "

Note: “token=token-123456-…” format

  • Restart PX container on each node.

At this point, you should be able to monitor PX node from web console.