You can deploy Portworx through Rancher using the Rancher’s Portworx Catalog. The following sequence illustrates deployment in an Amazon AWS/EC2 environment.

Step 1: Add a Host

For availability zone, use either “West N. California”, or “East N. Virginia”. If you need a different availability zone, please contact [email protected]

Step 2: Configure Instance

  • Select the name and count of your instances
  • Use m3.medium as the instance type
  • For US-West (N. California), use ami-ebe6a98b as the AMI image name
  • For US-East (N. Virginia), use ami-d0651bc7 as the AMI image name.
  • Specify 128GB as the root size

Configuring Instance

Step 3 : Advanced Options

  • Expand “Advanced Options”. For “Docker Install URL”, select “Latest” from the dropdown

Step 4: Add Portworx Service

Next, select “Add From Catalog”. Select Portworx. For “Cluster Token”, provide the token supplied to you from Portworx. Select Launch