The pxctl secrets command helps the user store the secrets in different kinds of secrets store and help manage the secrets and access keys in a secure, production-ready manner.

/opt/pwx/bin/pxctl secrets -h
  pxctl secrets - Manage Secrets

  pxctl secrets command [command options] [arguments...]

    set-cluster-key, sc  Set cluster key to be used for encryption
    vault                Vault secret-endpoint commands
    aws                  AWS secret-endpoint commands
    kvdb                 kvdb secret-endpoint commands
    docker               Docker Secret commands
    k8s                  Kubernetes Secret commands

  --help, -h  show help

Following are the examples of some of the usages. Please refer to the pxctl credentials page for a more comprehensive discussion on how to use credentials and secrets together.

For AWS, the usage is as follows:

# pxctl secrets aws login
Enter AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID [Hit Enter to ignore]: ********************
Enter AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY [Hit Enter to ignore]: ****************************************
Enter AWS_SECRET_TOKEN_KEY [Hit Enter to ignore]:
Enter AWS_CMK [Hit Enter to ignore]: ***********************
Enter AWS_REGION [Hit Enter to ignore]: us-east-1
Successfully authenticated with AWS.