This guide shows you how you can easily deploy Portworx on IBM Cloud Private and IBM Cloud Private for Data

Portworx is a technology ecosystem partner for IBM Cloud Private and Cloud Private for Data.

Installation pre-requisites

All worker nodes must have some unmounted disk or partition to contribute. Ideally this is raw/unformatted, but must be unmounted regardless.


ICP 3.1 and Above

For ICP 3.1 and above, Portworx is installed by Helm:

           helm install --name portworx-icpd --set "clusterName=px-icpd,usedrivesAndPartitions=true,usefileSystemDrive=true,internalKVDB=true,imageVersion=1.6.1" ./community/portworx

For the definitions, please refer to :

Please note that usefileSystemDrive will make use of any drives/partitions that have formatted filesystems, but which are not mounted.


For ICP, Portworx should be installed via the Portworx installer at

Fill in the appropriate K8s version. Choose the following:

  • Built-in etcd
  • Select On-prem storage
  • Select Automatically Scan disks
  • Check use umounted disks as per above advisory on usefileSystemDrive

If running in an air-gapped environment, click Download spec and copy the spec file into your K8s environment.


Network interfaces

Network interfaces may vary between environments and might not get properly detected automatically. If there are multiple host interfaces, please specify explicity in the installer ( or the Helm chart values (network.dataInterface, network.managementInterface)

Retrying failed installations

If there are errors on installation:

  • For Helm based installation, run ‘helm delete portworx-icpd’ (for example)
  • For installation based on, run :
      curl -fsL | bash

Licensing and Support

Portworx comes with a Free 30-day Trial license by default.

For any problems, please email