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Portworx is a software defined persistent storage solution designed and purpose built for containers. Portworx is a clustered block storage solution deployed itself as a container and provides a Cloud-Native storage solution where applications can programmatically consume stateful services directly through schedulers such as Kubernetes, Mesos and Swarm. Portworx storage is delivered as a container that gets installed on your servers that run stateful applications.

Portworx technology:

  • Provides virtual, container-granular data volumes to applications running in containers.
  • Is scheduler aware - provides data persistence and HA across multiple nodes, cloud instances, regions, data centers or even clouds.
  • Is application aware - applications like Cassandra are deployed as a set of containers, and Portworx is aware of the entire stack. Data placement and management is done at an application POD level.
  • Manages physical storage that is directly attached to servers, from cloud volumes, or provided by hardware arrays.
  • Provides programmatic control on your storage resources - volumes and other stateful services can be created and consumed directly via the scheduler and orchestration software tool chain.
  • Is radically simple - Portworx is deployed just like any other container - and managed by your scheduler of choice.

Watch the video

Here is a short video that shows how Portworx provides an entire platform of services for managing stateful containerized applications in any Cloud or On-Prem data center:

Portworx technology is available as PX-Enterprise and PX-Developer.

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PX-Enterprise is for DevOps and IT ops teams managing storage for containerized workloads. PX-Enterprise provides multi-cluster and multi-cloud support, where storage under management can be on-premise or in a public cloud like AWS.

  • Scale-out storage deployed as a container
  • Shared volumes, where multiple containers can share a single filesystem
  • Container granular storage operations that work on any cloud, such as
    • Container volume granular snapshots
    • Container volume granular CoS
    • Container volume granular encryption
    • Container volume granular access controls and quota management
  • Multi-cluster visibility and management
  • Distributed file access
  • Web management console with role-based access
  • Command-line interface
  • RESTful API for automation and statistics


PX-Developer is free, easy-to-deploy scale-out storage for developers. If you’re running workloads under your desk and want to be free of managing hardware or need container-granular storage, check out PX-Developer.

PX-Developer features:

  • Scale-out storage deployed as a container
  • Container-granular controls
  • Distributed file access
  • Command-line interface
  • Support for up three servers per cluster and 1 TB per volume
  • Requires an etcd or Consul key/value store

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